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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

customer service


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” -Warren Buffet

customer service

What is Customer Service?

Generally speaking, customer service is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met.

Characteristics of Good Customer Service

Customer service involves meeting the needs and desires of any and every customer. Some characteristics of good customer service include, but are not limited to:

Promptness: Promises for delivery of service and/or products must be done in a timely manner;

Politeness: Saying “hello,” “good afternoon,” “sir/madam” and “thank you very much” are essential parts of delivering good customer service. Use good manners whether the customer makes a purchase or not and whether the customer is polite or not;

Professionalism: All customers should be treated professionally. Professionalism shows the customer that you truly care and respect them; and

Personalization: Using the customer's name is very effective in producing loyalty. Customers like to know that you just don’t care about the business they give you, but that you actually care about them on a more personal level.

Why is Customer Service Important?

customer service

Customer service isn’t just important… it’s absolutely vital! People will always remember whether the customer service was really great or really terrible.

They aren’t just looking at the end service or products. Your customers are actively interacting, speaking and working with you or your employees who represent your business.

If your employees represent your business in a positive manner, your customers will remember and think of you in positive way. In the alternative, if your employees represent your business in a negative way, you’ll probably lose a customer and hurt your businesses reputation.

At Justin’s Barbershop® we found that consistently delivering exceptional customer service is by far the most valuable thing to our business and the Justin’s Barbershop® system and brand. It is so valuable because there are really only (2) two main ways to improve upon the operations of your business: increase sales or decrease costs. We firmly believe that you should always aim to accomplish both simultaneously.

Additional factors that contribute to the importance of customer service include, but are not limited to the following:

It Has a Big Impact on Your Bottom Line

customer service

The trust and confidence your customer has with your business has a direct and profound effect on your businesses bottom line. Gaining and keeping that trust and confidence with your clients begins with consistently delivering exceptional, top-quality customer service.

It costs less to retain existing clients than it does to attract new ones. Good quality customer service keeps customers happy. Bad or poor customer service often times plays a huge factor in why customers leave. Mainly because they’re upset with the treatment or service they've received. At Justin’s Barbershop® delivering poor or bad customer service is UNACCEPTABLE!

Without customers, you can’t sell products or services. When you don’t make sales, you have no cash flow. Without cash flow, you can’t pay your overhead. When you don’t pay your overhead, your business fails. On the bright side, customers who feel as though a company cares about them are much more likely to refer others and become repeat customers themselves.

Making customer service a top priority will help you attract and retain quality customers.

It Can Make or Break Your Reputation

customer service

The reputation of your business is essential to its survival. From top to bottom, this may be one of the biggest pieces in the topic of customer service that Justin’s Barbershop® so heavily stresses to each of its franchisee business owners.

The quote, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”, by Warren Buffett clearly states how important reputation is to a business. Your businesses reputation encompasses so many factors that cannot be ignored if you aim to be truly successful.

As a rule, customer service is an important factor and contributes to the overall view and outcome of the customer experience. Customers that have a positive experience with your business will likely tell at least 2 or 3 people about it.

On the other hand, when customers are unhappy with your service, they will not recommend your business to others. It’s been said that, a customer who has a bad customer service experience will likely tell between 9 and 20 people. They might also go as far as to recommend others to spread the word and stop coming to your business, simply based on their negative experience.

Maintaining a positive reputation is a fundamental component to the profitability, relevance and life of your business. Bad word-of-mouth can rapidly destroy the reputation of your business. Therefore, it is essential that you are committed to maintaining goodwill with your clients.

It is Critical to Competing Effectively

customer service

Customer service is also important to your business because it helps to differentiate you from the competition.

For example, it may be difficult to tell the difference between (2) two small-town coffee shops, especially if their product and prices are similar. Therefore, putting extra efforts into customer service may be the key thing that gives one coffee shop a competitive advantage over the other.

In the past, people chose which companies they did business with based on price and/or brand, but today with so many more options of places to purchase from the overall experience they receive plays a much great roll which is one of the reasons why at Justin’s Barbershop® we take it so seriously.

Customer service is a major contributing factor of customer experience. When your staff is fully committed to going above-and-beyond with customers, they can create unbeatable experiences that help your business stand out from the competition.

Customers Will Pay More for a Better Experience

customer service

So, we know that creating an unforgettable customer experience stems from having top-notch customer service. What you may have not realized is that it can also increase your profit margin and benefit your businesses bottom line.

From our years of experience in the barber shop industry, we found that our clients are willing to pay a higher price on services for a better experience. Our consumer base is willing to pay a little more for our premium experiences, which includes, skillful haircuts and shaves; access to features, such as, online booking, mobile confirmations and sync to calendar scheduling; access to exclusive products not sold in stores; a Membership and Loyalty Rewards Program; our Go Green attitude and paperless technology; plus, so much more.

Focusing on the customer experience in your business isn’t just the latest trend, it’s smart business. It turns out that making every experience and touch-point remarkable doesn’t just make customers love Justin’s Barbershop®; it also increases our profits.

Your business should be built around how to deliver excellent customer service each and every day.


Author: Cheryl Hutchinson, Director of Franchise Administrations
JB Franchise Group, LLC