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October 27, 2016
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October 27, 2016
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Committed To The Barber Craft

Barber Craft

Justin's Barber Training Program

It’s important to know that here at Justin’s Barbershop® we are profoundly committed to keeping up with the finest business practices, standards and trends in the haircare/barber industry.  Therefore, it is in our life blood to equip our barbers with the tools and resources, not only to keep up-to-date with industry changes, but to be some of the most highly regarded barbers in the entire industry.

From the very beginning, it has been at our core to keep our barbers thoroughly and exceptionally trained in the art of cutting hair.  We are consistently updating and supplying additional training that boosts our barber’s self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction, productivity, and overall passion and love for the craft.


At Justin’s Barbershop® we are truly team builders.  We start by always actively promoting positive values and a positive workplace where creativity and special talents are always encouraged.  Our barbers know that their ideas and opinions contribute towards and are important to the business and the brand.


Justin’s Barbershop® values and takes a lot of pride in teamwork. We do everything to ensure that our barbershop is a place where the staff is happy to work together and where our leaders pledge to do the best work, so that our barbershop always moves forward smoothly and efficiently.

The Justin’s training team has been thoroughly vetted and everyone is aware of their roles and understands how they fit into the bigger picture of the business.  As a result, when we onboard our new barbers, everyone feels supported and works together to achieve goals.


Leadership also plays a central role in cultivating superior barber training relationships.  Our Barber Trainers Are Leaders.  They push themselves and others to do the right things.  They set direction, build inspiration and set the tone for everyone’s success.

Our Barber Trainers use their skills, expertise and talent to efficiently and successfully guide their trainees in the right direction, bringing change when needed and steadily improving their craft.

Our trainers provide a positive example for everyone to follow, which in turn, creates a more relaxed and positive atmosphere.  They also encourage open lines of communication and strive to ensure that each trainee is understood and understands what is expected.  This enables the entire Justin’s Barber Training operation to run as smoothly and consistently as possible.


An integral part of being a Justin’s Barber Trainer is knowing how to deal with any type of situation and guiding trainees through the process without panicking.  Remaining calm and working through these type of situations with a positive attitude and outlook creates not only the perfect training environment, but the best barbers.

Our Barber Trainers not only lead by example but they help to develop the skills of their trainees during and after they’ve completed their training.  Always taking the extra time with kind patience to communicate in a way that both the trainer and the trainee are on the same page.  They identify each trainee’s key individual strengths and teaches them how to capitalize on those strengths.


Trainees also look to our Barber Trainers for inspiration.  They want to have someone or something to believe in.  Our Barber Trainers know that it is extremely important to never forget to acknowledge the work trainees do, commend them for their efforts and have a genuine appreciation for their hard work.


Justin’s Barbershop® Franchise understands the importance of providing our franchisees and their staff with training, updating outdated techniques, and providing tools that will help everyone in the system to use their time better, to stay current and competitive.

Author: Cheryl Hutchinson, Director of Franchise Administrations
JB Franchise Group, LLC