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November 10, 2016
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November 11, 2016
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3 Huge Myths About Owning a Franchise


Here at Justin’s Barbershop® we’ve encountered 3 main myths people think about when deciding to own their own barbershop business.

I Can’t Open a Barber Shop Business… I Don’t Know Anything About It.

You don’t have to be a barber or know the industry. You hire people who do. As a Justin’s Barbershop® franchisee, you’re in the business of growing your own business. We teach and train you and your staff everything you’ll need to know for running a successful Justin’s Barbershop® franchise.

If you restrict yourself to only doing things you’re already good at or have knowledge of, you’re basically closing the door on an abundance of possibilities you may never knew existed.


I Can’t Be Creative in A Justin’s Barbershop® Franchise… The Corporate Office Controls Everything.

First and foremost, when you own a Justin’s Barbershop® franchise or any other type of franchised business: You are running your own business, not ours! Of course, in using our systems and the Justin’s Barbershop® name there will be procedures for keeping topnotch quality and the brand consistent. These procedures we give you have been proven with over 10 years of experience and our franchisees use them because they work! These tools in keeping such a high-quality consistency in all Justin’s Barbershop® franchises are in place to help you in your business… not hurt or disparage your creativity.

Secondly, we are different. The Barber Industry is highly creative and Justin’s Barbershop® attracts very creative personality types. Some of the best ideas and innovations we use today came from our staff and current franchisees. The culture of the Justin’s Barbershop® brand is to embrace, collaborate an innovate with each other.

Lastly, we truly want all our franchisees to follow their passions and achieve the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Everyone in our system will always have a chance be heard, have their ideas respected and taken seriously.

I Can’t Open My Own Justin’s Barbershop®… I’ll Have to Quit My Current Job.

This isn’t necessarily true. Justin’s Barbershop® systems allows for passive business owners. Before awarding anyone a franchise, we’ll all sit down to discuss your business and lifestyle goals. We can help provide you with guidance and help develop a smart strategy for ownership of a Justin’s Barbershop® franchise.


Author: Cheryl Hutchinson, Director of Franchise Administrations
JB Franchise Group, LLC